Get A Strong, Sexy, Sculpted Back


A common mistake among many wanna-be-athletes is not giving your back the proper attention it needs. Guys especially will tend to focus especially on biceps and chest, leaving the back neglected. Or, some people will target primarily the Latissimus Dorsi (more popularly referred to as Lats) and ignore the muscles of the lower back.

Don’t do this, the most important reason being because a weak back + exercise in the gym = a recipe for an injury.

Aesthetically, it doesn’t make sense to ignore your back. This is true for guys (having a big chest and arms but no back mass makes you look off balance) and girls (the more V-taper you got going on, the smaller your waist appears – especially if your lower waist area is sculpted).

I’ll admit  I was one of those people who ignored my back in my first few years of consistent exercise. But when I decided to get serious about fitness I realized my error and worked on correcting the symmetry of my back to better proportion my physique. Now back day is my favorite day at the gym! With that being said, here are my top 5 favorite exercise for getting a chiseled back.

1. Pull-ups.

I listed this first because pull-ups are in my opinion the single most important back exercise. They are also incredibly versatile. If you’re a beginner, you can use resistance bands or do close grips variations. If you’re one of those people who can knock out 25 pull-ups just like that, then you can always strap on some weight. The other good thing about pull-ups is that if done properly, they work your entire back.

2. Deadlifts.

Deadlifts are one of those rare exercise that effectively activate muscles in your lower and upper body at the same time. The deadlift works several different muscle groups at different stages of the lift, including the spinal erectors in the lower back. Deadlifts are another key muscle group used to perform a deadlift. In fact, you should always make sure your lats are tight and pulled back before beginning the actual deadlift. The final back muscles used in a deadlift are your rhomboids and traps. These are the muscles you use to pull the barbell from your knees to lockout position.

3. Dumbell rows.

Dumbell rows are a great exercise because they allow you to focus on just one side of your lats at a time. This helps with concentration and mind + muscle connection, which is key to achieving better results. When compared to barbell rows, you can achieve much more of an actual row or pull, firing more muscle groups. Barbell rows are very effective as well, and an excellent variation of this exercise, if you need to shock your muscles groups with something different for awhile.

What’s your favorite exercise? Please leave some feedback below!

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